"WISH I WAS HERE" pledge

Zach Braff, aka JD from Scrubs, is intent on making another movie after his 2004 indie hit Garden State and he needs our help to pay for it.

Inspired by the Veronica Mars Kickstarter campaign that raised $5.7 million dollars from fans to turn the series into a movie, Braff launched his own crowd-funding effort.

Braff is seeking $2 million for his new movie called WISH I WAS HERE that will be a kind-of sequel to Garden State. Braff, who will also star in the movie, has already written the script with his brother Adam, focusing on the struggles of a 30-something married man named Aidan.

Being a fan of Garden State, and eager to do my part, I've pledged a few dollars toward the campaign and strongly urge everyone else to do the same. In doing so I've crossed off the "Contribute to something great" item on my Bucket List and can't wait to see the new movie!